Only one day left. The time flies soooooooo fast!! ;(

I hesitate to write this article because I thought that it doesn't need to be necessary. But after eating lunch (I ate delicious 직화짬뽕) I changed my mind and decided to translate from previous article. When I came back to Tistory, I wrote this article in Korean.Right now, I will write in English again.

First of all, I want to look back last and this year.

I experienced 'healing God' in the year of 2014. And this year, I found myself as truly and new.

I took first official English test in America on March 27th. and then I spent most of time as preparing for the future. Now is also.

If I could enroll the college this year, I might had tough time because I was not sure about my major.

But right now, I know what I have to do. I know which one is the most and best thing for me and my future.

If I have a common path, I will be a student of a class of 2016. And then I will be busy.

I don't want to think about my age.

Sometimes I feel that my memory and understanding became lower than before, so I decided that I will do harder and harder, like while others study for one hour, I study three times or four times from it. I might have basic things because of bad habits in the past, but I want to overcome with my special perseverance and tenacity.

I have to make resolution for 2016. Of course, nothing will be changed from 2015 to 2016. The only thing can be changed is my mind and attitude.

I want to keep in mind all of these things from tomorrow.

1. Reading whole Holy Bible during the year of 2016

I typed English bible two years ago, but I stopped from it because I didn't have any mind on it. The bible is still difficult to me. I have to break through with any ways.

I have Windows 10 laptop and smartphone, which has Youversion bible app. How convenient this world!!

Unfortunately, there are so many people who choose to die because they don't have religious freedom. I am ashamed of this fact. This environment and circumstance are perfect for reading a bible. From January 1st, I will start 365 plan of Youversion.

2. AP News dictation, reading related news article, and express my opinion in any ways

I did this a long time ago, but I stopped. I want to know about this country where I am living and this world. It is important to do this for my future.

3. Reading a book per one month

If I don't read many books, I can be foolish. I have a lot of books, half is necessary and half is unnecessary. Except music books, I want to read deeply and make it as my own thing.

4. Studying and translating Japanese

As I said before, my goal in my life is to be trilingual person who can speak and write Korean, English, and Japanese. I don't want me push because there are so many kanji I have to remember. I just want to make Japanese as a minor. And I don't need to prepare JLTP.

I am transporting J-pop/Ani song lyrics from others' blog to my Hangul file. And I will translate Magic Knight Rayearth books and Nodame Cantabile script from tomorrow and someday in my life, I want to see the finish line.

And for this blog, I will study and post Japanese grammar or conversation. Naver word book is also great to study in daily.

5. Reducing do Facebook

I log in Facebook many times when I think about it because I spend most of times in my home where I can access to the internet so easily. If I have a serious job or things to do, I would not act like this. As an administerator of 'Master 3 Languages - Korean, Japanese, English' I cannot discontinue Facebook. So I want to divide the time. thirty minutes for morning, and another thirty minutes for evening.

6. Studying IELTS

Well, normally I don't study in serious. I just answer the question from gohackers dot com and sometimes I submit task one and two on there. There are no academic center for IELTS so I have to prepare only by myself. So sometimes I ask to me like this: "Am I doing right?" Actually I am not good at task 2 because I have to explain my opinion about the topic. I am not used to this one so I have a lot of mistakes, wrong grammar and mismatch the topic or subject. I am used to write about myself and life, but essay is hard to me. (I think that the problem is, I didn't read many books from childhood except music books.) Anyway, I will take IELTS coming March. I want to do my best on it.

7. Instead of music, listen to English radio or news

I almost listened all music that I know. The English news is more important than music. I want to improve my listening skill.

8. Go on a diet

In fact, few years ago, I lost many pounds because of illness. At that time, I ate high calorie diet like pancake or boost so I became fat. That was also one of the side effects from the medicine that I took. So I started to refrain from foods and did sit-up with my own way so it was successful to lose a weight. And then I stopped so right now my weight is 58kg. It's not very serious tough.

It is almost impossible to back to before the illness' weight, but my hope is lose 2 or 3 kg so my weight would be 55kg. For this one, how many times do I have to excercise and how much of foods do I have to refrain? Like these days, I have to walk for 30 or 40 minutes per day, restart sit-up exercise before go to bed.and far away from sweet, strong-tasting, and fast foods, and eat fresh and healthy foods. OMG, these are hard.

Why should have on a diet? Because of my health. My body is not perfect so if something has a problem, even a little bit, it can be hard to me and my family. And most of all, high blood pressure is family disease, so I have to be careful.

9. Enroll three colleges

This is the most expecting thing in 2016. I have to do all process by myself, such as FAFSA, scholarship, and so on. In some cases, I might find out student apartment or transportation. I want to be accept all three colleges so that I don't need to be worry.

10. Watching "Open Concert" and "Immortal Sings"

Even though I decided to reducing the time for listening to music, these are necessary as Korean-American. Right now, I like outdated J-pop more than K-pop, but I wish it could be turn over.

11. One article per one day

Well, if I get busy, this would be difficult. Anyway, I want to write with any subject or topic.

No one is perfect so I am wondering these become a part of my life. But the reason that I am writing is, these official announce has a good effect on me.

Anyway, I didn't put 'watch American drama or movie' because I don't like it. (So I am regretting bought "Community" DVD.) I prefer Japanese Ani or drama. Is this OK? Can my English skill improving only with English news, books or newspaper? Well, a long time ago, people didn't have TV so they didn't know about drama or entertainment. But they spoke very well with these environment!! Is this relief? haha...

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